Blood Laws

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Today I read something that really made my blood boil.  Yes, it’s literally about blood.  I had no idea that currently homosexual men are not allowed to donate blood.  In fact, when I read this story I went and did my own research to confirm that was true.  I couldn’t believe it.  Yet, according to the Blood Centers of the Pacific website, it’s true.  American Red Cross confirms it on their website.  I suppose a homosexual man could technically donate under these rules, but only if they haven’t had sex with another man since 1977…

The content of the article I read was basically detailing a new proposal by the FDA that would allow homosexual men to donate blood, providing they hadn’t been sexually active in at least a year.  I had to double-check the source, because I initially thought this had been posted by The Onion or another satirical site.  It’s hard for me to understand why and how this kind of regulation could possibly still exist.  The article points out that there are tests which can detect HIV within two weeks of contraction.  It points out that allowing gay men to donate blood contributes significantly more of the life-saving resource to people who greatly need it.  It points out that the government assuming that assuming every single gay man has AIDS/HIV IS RIDICULOUS.

I’m very rarely at a loss for words.  Here I find that I’m pretty close.  To me, this falls under blatant discrimination of gay men, bordering on plain homophobia.  We have the resources to test for this disease.  It should be treated like every other blood disease that could be accidentally donated.  Screen as best you can, test the blood before it’s sent in, and THANK THEM FOR DONATING.


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