Chinese LGBTs

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referenced from

I would like to point out that if you read the title out loud, it kind of rhymes.  I’m pretty proud of that.

I had no idea that electroshock therapy was still a prevalent conversion therapy technique.  Apparently, however, in China it’s still considered a viable method of “curing” homosexuality.  I won’t bother to point out all of the evidence pointing to conversion/reparative therapy being ineffective, and the antiquated nature of viewing homosexuality as a mental illness.  I’ll let you read that for yourself.  The article from states that China didn’t decriminalize homosexuality until 1997, and didn’t remove it from lists of mental illnesses until 2001.  The timeline is sort of amazing, but the fact that they are already considering banning reparative therapy is really quite a quick jump.  However, apparently the district court essentially ignored the case.  I would love to see this move forward, but again.  It’s pretty soon for a ruling like that considering they’ve only recently decided that homosexuality is something they’ll “allow.”


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