Lets Talk Boobs

by Heather Cushman-Dowdee

by Heather Cushman-Dowdee

Excuse me, “breasts.”  I had to get your attention somehow.  We’re talking breastfeeding today.  Honestly though, this has been a big issue for quite a while now.  Not only is it something that affects quite a few people, but everyone seems to have an opinion on it as well.  Recently, a story came out about a woman in Florida, who seemingly took every precaution to avoid offending anyone while breastfeeding on an elementary school campus, but was still approached (by the principal) and asked to cover up or leave.  Now, after this interaction, the story gets a bit fuzzy.  She later confronted the principal regarding her rights as a breastfeeding mother, and the rest of the story is contested and hearsay.  Regardless of her behavior, she was correct on her rights to breastfeed in public.  Florida law states she may breastfeed in public, with any amount of breast or nipple exposed.  However, there is no enforcement provision in Florida, which is where the problem occurs.  It essentially means that you’re required to follow this law, but there’s not penalty if you do not.  Seems a bit contradictory to me, but who am I to judge?


One comment on “Lets Talk Boobs

  1. Bampot says:

    Is it okay for a women in the work place just to whip out the full breast and make no attempt to cover it up at all right in the middle of the office. I am in Florida.


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