Personhood Punted

Referenced from the Milwaukee Journal

Referenced from the Milwaukee Journal

Now that the election is [mostly] over, here’s an update on the amendment I previously covered in “Incongruous Terminology” from North Dakota: it failed.  It failed by a lot.  That doesn’t mean that anti-abortion measures and restrictions are done and over with though.  In Tennessee an amendment of similar importance was passed.  It’s a measure that has been long in the making, having originally been introduced more than 10 years ago.  It, just like Colorado and North Dakota, seems to use relatively bland language to avoid offending either side of the pro-life, pro-choice debate.  To me, it looks to use vague-ness and confusion to its benefit, attracting voters much like the other two amendments aimed to.  Tennessee already offers many restrictions on abortion and abortion rights.  This will simply make it easier to enact more of those.  The reason this becomes an issue that involves more people than just those who live in Tennessee is that Tennessee is surrounded by states with heavy restrictions on abortions.  In places like Texas, Missouri, and Mississippi, it’s almost impossible to find anywhere that can still offer abortions.  The ridiculous restrictions being put on these places in an effort to close them has worked.  So many women in these states have relied on neighboring states like Tennessee to keep their abortion clinics open.  I don’t think I need to say that without these regulated, clean, responsible clinics, dangerous alternatives begin popping up.  An underground medical clinic is not the place to get an abortion.  When you hear about all the dangers of abortion: this is where they come from.  They come from places that aren’t government approve.  They show up when government-approved clinics can’t exist anymore.  That is why, regardless of your beliefs regarding abortion, you should carefully rethink your opinions regarding restrictions on abortions.


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