Choosing to be Different

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I have never wanted kids.  Even as a little girl, my dollies tended to be my friends rather than my “babies” during playtime.  I’ve gotten responses ranging from confusion to surprise to plain disbelief when I say I don’t plan on having children.  People have said to me “You’ll change your mind when you’re older” more times than I can count.  It’s interesting to me that because of the subject matter, relative strangers feel comfortable assuming that they know me better than I know myself.  This sort of assumption appears everywhere.  This article from does a good job of describing the difference between being called “childless” and “child-free,” and the stigmas that come along with both.  It even references an interview with Condoleezza Rice in which her life quality was questioned because she doesn’t have any children.

It’s a ridiculous assumption that a man or woman needs to have children, or to want them to be normal or happy.  It’s offensive.  It’s annoying.  More importantly; it doesn’t affect you, so why do you care?


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