Apples and Apples

by Nate Beeler

by Nate Beeler

All jokes aside, Apple did just have a pretty cool development.  Interestingly enough, it had nothing to do with their technology.  Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, wrote an article for Bloomberg Businessweek where he publicly revealed that he is gay.  Alternet cites him as being the highest-profile business CEO to ever come out publicly.  He’s definitely using it to make a statement, in an exciting and highly publicized manner.  It will be interesting to see the general public’s response to this news.


2 comments on “Apples and Apples

  1. Proud To Be Progressive says:

    As it has no bearing on the quality of their products I would hope that it wouldn’t matter to anyone, but of course that is probably too much to ask.

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  2. clairelobo says:

    I don’t know that people will care about his sexuality in regards to apple’s products, but I do appreciate his reasons for publicly announcing it. The fact that he would put his desire for privacy second to making an impact and helping others who may be struggling seems, to me, to be a pretty noble act.


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