Pro-Choice Disguises

by Cathy Throne

by Cathy Throne

Interestingly enough, this article posted by mirrors a lot of the issues and opinions I covered in my “Heinous Masquerade” post.  Seeing other people as concerned and devoted to change as I am is a bit comforting.  If you read the post, you know I was absolutely appalled.  Understandable, the Alternet writer who posted it understandably had a bit more information than I did at the time, so I encourage everyone to read the article.
Apparently some new legislation was put in place that required the Crisis Pregnancy Centers to advertise that they do not provide abortions.  They responded by rebranding themselves and saying that they provide services to “undecided women.”  This is better than nothing, but it’s still deceptive, in my opinion.  The article points out that they still make an effort to appear pro-choice, even though the connected videos and undercover reporting on the subject quite obviously proves otherwise.  I’m not saying that these centers are solely bad, or even that they should be shut down completely.  I’m simply suggesting that they need to be much more transparent.  If they improve in that area, they will attract women who actually want the type of counseling and help that they are offering, instead of bringing in women who are looking for alternative options, and then verbally berating them until they can worm their way out.  These centers (although not the most professional places), can have their own place within pregnancy counseling.

The article includes lots of other information regarding abortion legislation.  It also talks about politicians who, like the Pregnancy Centers, disguise themselves as pro-choice when their bills and other propositions say otherwise.  It’s incredibly informative, and it’s something that every women should read.  In fact, if you care about women, you should also read it.  Obviously by that I mean everyone.  There are lots of current issues that are important for women’s rights and reproductive rights that are being hidden, swept under the rug, and generally not being discussed at all.  If you want to know what’s happening, you need to inform yourself.  It’s not going to be broadcast like many of the other big-ticket items in the current elections.


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