Family Planning

I’m not planning on having a family.  At least not in the traditional way.  I’ll probably have lots of dogs…

Ironically, this makes me very invested in “family planning” legislation and debates.  The term doesn’t quite sound right when applied to people without families, but the sentiment stands.  The term “family planning” actually applies to lots of things, birth control, STI/STD testing, prenatal health, and fertility testing included.  This category is full of lots of helpful medical measures that keep both women and babies alive and thriving.  Without access to them, both women and babies tend to be more prone to issues like ectopic pregnancies that are both hard to detect and life-threatening. posted an article that defends access to family planning measures, but also explains why providing them is fiscally responsible.  Their results come via the Guttmacher Institute, which is an EXCELLENT resource for all of your birth control, reproductive health, and public policy questions.  They dedicate all of their time to educating and researching these methods.  I hope they sent a copy of their study straight to Washington.


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