Feminism Models

referenced from: thefbomb.org

referenced from: thefbomb.org

I read an article today about feminism.  Surprise!  Not really though.  It talked about feminism’s accessibility to men and to women who don’t currently associate themselves with the movement.  The author’s response was that it didn’t need to be accessible, and that some of the current starlets (Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Lena Dunham) who endorse it are actually harming the movement.  Her rationalization for this was their “packaging” (youth, beauty, fame) was the only thing making the message more easily swallowed by some.  I tend to disagree.  Feminism, just like any other movement, belief, or cultural shakeup, needs people who believe in it.  Marketing feminism through celebrities increases the audience an enormous amount.  Especially celebrities like Emma Watson, who are more clearly explaining that feminism isn’t man-hating, but should include men too.  It doesn’t just make the message more accessible in terms of aesthetics, it makes it more accessible by bringing it to larger amounts of people.  The more people hear about and understand the feminist movement, the more supporters it gains.  The more supporters it gains, the more it is talked about, rallied for, and developed.


One comment on “Feminism Models

  1. Tanya Parker says:

    Agreed! I can’t understand why some feminists are criticizing Aziz Ansari so much either. If celebrities want to identify as feminist, we should welcome them into the fold.


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