Movin’ on Up

I mentioned in my Commercial Pressure post about a week and a half ago that the Supreme Court was expected to make some new rulings related to gay marriage during this session.  I’m sure many of you have seen that yesterday morning, they did just that.

by Dave Grunland

by Dave Grunland

Well, sort of.

The Supreme Court has managed to advance the institution of marriage without technically saying that they support gay marriage.  The way they’ve managed this is by letting some rulings from lower courts remain as ruled.  They’ve loudly called bans on gay marriage unconstitutional.  However, they haven’t technically embraced gay marriage.  They’ve actually averted the subject, really.  But this has unarguably made a statement nonetheless, allowing 11 states to open their marriage laws to LGBT people, adding to the 19 states that already do.  It’s uncertain yet as to whether they will address the issue in any other capacity before this session is over, but they certainly have the ability to.

Now for my favorite part of this post.  Joy.  After this decision was announced, gay marriage became legal in these states.  In Virginia, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin, and Indiana marriage licenses began being issued almost immediately after the decision was announced.  As a result, people began rushing to the courthouse to get married.  This created tons of stories and accounts of couples who had been together for years taking off of work, skipping important meetings, and leaving other obligations to go and get married as soon as they could.  I love watching politics improve lives and create happiness!  Isn’t that what it was always supposed to do?


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