Sometimes I like to read ultra-conservative blogs.  It’s an interesting leap from my usual sources, and it reminds me that not everyone agrees with the same things that I do.  I tend to react differently to each story, varying from vaguely interested to flaming mad.  This one was further on the negative side.  What really cranked me up wasn’t the article, however.  Although the article came from a point of view not quite congruent with my own, the comments took several steps past this stance.  As typical with internet anonymity, people feel free to be hateful, crude, and generally intense in any direction they choose.  Responses like “treating someone delusions as if they were reality is a very very cruel joke. Shame on the school board.” and “They’d invite Hitler to speak, were he alive today.” pretty clearly demonstrate that not only do some of these people lack basic understanding regarding transgender children and adult, but that they don’t care to acquire any.  Some of the more educated (yet highly offensive) comments reflect a complete lack of sensitivity and care for fellow humans.  I don’t understand why it has to be so hard to show compassion for other people.


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