Catch 22


By Mike Luckovich

Today I read an article that baffled me.  Earlier this week I mentioned a comment saying the U.S. moving forward in gender equality is more a question of when than if.  Reading about issues like these fly in the face of that attitude.  Now, for those of you who don’t know, there are 19 states that issue same-sex marriage licenses.  From here it only gets more confusing, however.  There are other states that recognize same-sex civil unions (provide them with rights equal to a heterosexual marriage), some that ban same-sex marriage altogether, and some in current legal battles regarding their ban on same-sex marriage.

The woman in the article is gay, has been married for quite some time (and has changed her last name), and has been living in California.  She and her wife moved to Houston, and when she tried to get a Texas driver’s license they refused.  Texas doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage, and told her she could use her maiden name (she couldn’t), change her name (probably couldn’t), and the whole thing is ridiculous.  I really encourage you to read it, because it’s kind of amazing in the worst possible way.


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