Miami-Dade’s Big Discrimination Step

Supreme court gay marriage

Photograph: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty

In a huge step for transgender rights, Miami-Dade county in California has tentatively approved legislature that uses the words “gender identity,” and “gender expression.”  SHOCKING.  Even more impressive, is that there was no fighting, no arguing, and no ugly name-calling involved.  They voted unanimously in favor of the law.  It’s basis is banning discrimination based on gender identity in several big realms (including government services, housing, and employment).  Every time one of these laws gets passed (or even gets close, as this one is), we get closer and closer to the time in our history where people are all protected from discriminatory actions by law.  Moving towards simple human rights provided to everyone is an exciting step for all of us, even if it happens one county at a time.  At this point, lots of these bans are being drafted and considered, but not many have yet been put into work or “officially” been approved.   We’re taking baby steps towards being fair and equal to everyone, but at least we’re still moving forward.


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