Little Gender Identities

This is a sticky subject right now.  Being that it is controversial, rarely agreed upon, and a current hot issue, of course I have a hard-set opinion on it.  Lets jump right into it.  Making new rules regarding transgender children and their rights and treatment while at school is causing a lot of headaches and heartache.  There are a variety of viewpoints and LOTS of parenting opinions on transgender children.  Letting your child dress in opposite-sex-role clothing seems harmless to some, seems simply like a phase to others, and offends more than a few.  Let me be the first to acknowledge that not every kid who wants to be a boy or a girl is transgender.  I grew up with two brothers, and genuinely thought I was just another boy at times.  There is nothing wrong with a kid who wants to try out another identity.  They’ll keep doing that for a long time.  I mean, how many people went “goth” at some point in high school?  Now, lets also acknowledge that from a very young age some children know for a fact that they’re in the wrong body.  They don’t feel comfortable with themselves or their assigned gender role.  That’s okay too.  The last thing those children need is to be constantly shoved back into a mold that they don’t fit in.  I understand that not everyone shares this opinion, but here’s where it really gets tricky.  Can we not agree that telling a child to change their ingrained personality over and over isn’t damaging?  It would be scary for anyone to change in front of, use the bathroom in front of, or shower in front of people they aren’t comfortable around.  Imagine if you faced harassment every gym class.  That is what’s happening, and that’s what people are starting to see.


By Rikki Marie Dubois (sourced from

Transgender education sites, books, cartoons, and other helpful (and adorable) sources are popping up all over the place as a resource for both parents and caretakers everywhere.  There are people fighting and winning battles to let their child use the bathroom/locker room that they’re comfortable in all over the U.S.  This is a tense issue for some, as they don’t want their child exposed to such a confusing issue so young.  Here’s my opinion though:  This issue is so confusing and complicated because most of us are learning about it as adults.  It’s change for us, and change can be uncomfortable.  However, if you raise your young ones to learn and accept others as they come (no matter WHAT shade of the rainbow that may be), they’ll grow up with that as a normal part of life.  It won’t be hard for them to figure out later in life why that man is wearing lipstick, or why that girl’s hair is so short.  It will just be another person on the street to them.  THAT, my friends, is a powerful thing.


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